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Darren Taylor’s woodworking projects are often called a “piece of art.” He takes pride in his heritage as a second generation Master Woodworker and it shows in his work.

Unmatched Quality

Darren’s clients typically want something that becomes an heirloom for their family. The quality of his work is unmatched because of his experience and dedication to his clients.

Always One-of-a-Kind

No two projects are ever the same. Whether it be design, the type of wood, or the finish, Darren’s clients are typically looking for something that is very unique and very special. Call me to discuss your project at (978) 879-8441.

Commercial & Residential

Professional Contractors

Are you a Interior Designer, Architect, or General Contractor working with a special client on the North Shore, in Boston, or somewhere in the Greater Boston area? I have experience working with contractors, professional builders, architects, and interior designers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.

“Darren Taylor is a Master Woodworker. When a client needs something special we can always count on Darren!” – Interior Designer, Ipswich, MA.

Call me to discuss your project at (978) 879-8441.



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Reclaimed Wood

Now a beautiful hotel on Gloucester Harbor, the Beauport Hotel was originally the factory for Clarence Birdseye, the inventor of the flash-frozen food and fish processing. The Birdseye building has been the home to many different companies over the years, mostly related to the fishing industry, seafood or seafood processing. With pressure on the fishing industry in general, and changes in the economy, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair. It was sold to a developer who built a resort hotel – the Beauport Hotel.

“Building with reclaimed wood is always special. It’s like working with a piece of history to make it come alive again.”

I was fortunate enough to obtain some of the original wood from the Birdseye building before it was completely demonlished, specifically wood from a water tower that was inside of the building. I’ve created multiple projects using this wood, including benches and tables for a local brewery, a desk for the President/CEO of a local company, and finally a bar with bar stools, which was recently on display at Local Colors on Main Street in Gloucester.

Reviews & Endorsements



“Darren’s craftsmanship is second-to-none. We brought him an idea and he worked with us to make our vision come true. The process was easy and Darren is incredibly accommodating. We couldn’t be happier with our new built-in. I can highly recommend Darren Taylor and promise you’ll be glad you chose to work with him.”

– John Williamson-Task

Reviews & Endorsements





“We wanted the new baby’s room to have a lot of special furniture, not the kind you find at the big box stores that everyone buys. We showed Darren the space we were working with and he took our ideas and created exactly what we wanted. We love it and so does our new baby! Thanks Darren!

– Millie Stevenson
Maybe You Have Just an Idea?

A lot of the projects I work on started as “just an idea,” maybe they were even roughly sketched out on the back of a cocktail napkin! If you have a concept, a rough drawing, or just an idea floating around in your head, we can start with that – no problem. Let’s talk! I work and consult with all of my clients to make their “ideas” into one-of-a-kind realities.

Big Projects or Small

I work on all types of projects from uniquely designed built-ins to one-of-a-kind bars for commercial or residential use. No project is too big or too small and I have all the equipment in my shop that is needed to handle any size project. I love working with people as well as consulting with clients so that their particular needs and desires are completely met.

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You can keep in touch with me and see photos of my work and from the current projects I’m working on by following me at Facebook. I also have special events from time-to-time and post invitations and event location and details there.

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